Roger Childs

US Marines in New Zealand

Roger Childs served on the Trust for a number of years, largely in his capacity as organiser of the In the Footsteps of the Marines – run/walk. He stepped down at the 2018 AGM.

Roger and his wife Pam were stalwart supporters of the Trust and together with others in the Joggers & Walkers Club initiated the In the Footsteps of the Marines Memorial Weekend run, subsequently organising a 10-year DOC concession for the event.

Under Roger’s was renowned for his hard work, planning meticulous research and professionalism. Pam did a magnificent job on the catering and hospitality front. Frequently they pulled together a team of up to 50 volunteers to run the event.

For six years they marshalled a big team of runners and walkers organising highly successful events, usually from the entrance of Whareroa Farm (formerly Camp McKay) over the Maungakotukutuku Hill, along Campbell’s Mill Road and back down the zigzag track into Whareroa Farm.

Effectively, they re-traced a well-documented “route march” frequently undertaken by the Marines when they lived on the land - subsequently written about by Leon Uris in his epic book – Battle Cry.

Over 40 years, Roger has been very engaged in the Kapiti community. The Trust was grateful to have his support and service, not just with the run/walk but also in supporting Memorial Day and other events in the park, hosting visitors and lending a very useful hand with publicity.