Camp Maps

aerial views

The original maps for the camps were drawn up in 1942 by the Ministry of Works in collaboration with the then Defence Department. The originals are now in the Kāpiti Coast District Council archives.

The Maps record the general lay-out of the three camps, including the number and position of tent and hut sites and other buildings including, a water storage site, radar station, four transport depots, a recreation hall at Camp Mackay (Whareroa Farm), two hospitals at Camp Paekākāriki and a brig in Camp Russell (Queen Elizabeth Park).

Recently, the Council has published three new maps of the camps - using new technology to amalgamate 2007 aerial/topigraphical maps with the original maps showing the 1942 lay-out and design.

The new versions provide viewers with a much clearer picture of the design, layout and content of each of camp and will help viewers pictures the Marines infrastructure that might previously have existed on land current residents, or previous inhabitants are familiar with. In the case of Camp Paekākāriki residents can learn about structures that previously existed on their sections and are now possibly buried in their gardens.

The buildings for the camps were pre-fabricated, either in the South Island or in Miramar and transported to Paekākāriki where they were erected over a six-week period in time for the Marines arrival.