Arrival of US forces in New Zealand

Source: NZ History

Leatherneck diary: Footage of US forces in New Zealand during the Second World War taken by the National Film Unit. This particular film was based on the diary of a US Marine – Private Bob Hatch.

US Marines playing baseball in Wellington

Source: NZ History

US Marine Corps troops playing baseball in Newtown Park in 1942.

Take me out to the ball game: On 31 January 1943, 25,000 spectators packed into Wellington’s Athletic Park to watch an exhibition game of baseball between two US Marine teams.

Read a report from the Evening Post (1 February 1943) on the game.

Allies in the South Pacific

Source: NZ History

Film produced in 1944 by the US Army Signal Corps in co-operation with the New Zealand National Film Unit about the wartime experiences of American troops stationed in New Zealand. This reel highlights New Zealand's provision of food to US troops serving in the Pacific, while in return the Americans supply New Zealand with airplanes, tanks and other arms under the lend-lease policy of President Roosevelt.

The Americans depart New Zealand

Source: NZ History

Major-General Leonard F. Wing, commander of the US 43rd Infantry Division, issues a farewell statement before his division departs New Zealand in July 1944. Read the transcript

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