US Marines in New Zealand

Pillars for sewer pipes

These impressive pillars carried a large sewerage pipe across Ramaroa Stream to a treatment plant in Camp Russell (Queen Elizabeth Park).

The Imhoff sewage plant, the remains of which can now be found, camouflaged by bush, alongside the Tramways Museum in Queen Elizabeth Park, was built by the Wellington Hospital Board for a new hospital. Instead, it was used to supply and service the US Marines based at Camps Mackay and Russell.


The Imhoff sewage treatment plant in Queen Elizabeth Park. Source Kāpiti Coast District Libraries HP 936

By 1940 the Wellington Hospital Board through the Public Trust owned much of the former Mackay family farm. In order to provide beds for TB patients and returned Servicemen the infrastructure for a hospital was started. A reservoir was built on the valley hillside and the Imhoff plant was nearby at Mackays Crossing. By 1943 the system was able to supply and service over 9000 US Marines in both camps.

US Marines in New Zealand

How the imhoff system worked (source).