US Marines in New Zealand

Camp Russell housed 4,850 men in 112 tent decks and a number of officer’s quarters. This camp was home to men from the 6th Marine Regiment of the 2nd Marine Division. It had two recreation areas, a medical centre, and a number of cook houses, stores, ablution blocks and laundries.

The camp covered much of the flat land, previously used by Stables in the Park and currently used by the Tramways Museum at the northern entrance to Queen Elizabeth Park, as well as a significant amount of the flat area to the south of the Information Centre and the Marines’ Memorial.

Several relics from the camp remain in the Park, including: the remains of an Imhoff sewage system, a Marines Hut in the field behind the Tramways Museum, concrete flooring from firing ranges, an aero club basin in the middle of the park and foxholes can also be seen along the ridge above the Marines Wetland.