The Story of the Hut

US Marines in New Zealand

A Raumati cottage built from two Marines Huts in 1951, kindly donated to the Trust by Paekākāriki residents Sarah Brown and Grant Cunliffe, was deconstructed by a group of volunteers from the Menzshed in Waikanae. Authentic heritage timber from the building was taken to the Menzshed depot in Rangihiroa Street in preparation for its restoration as a six-man Marines Hut.

The project, generously funded by a grant from the U.S. Embassy, was overseen by heritage architect Chris Cochran using heritage drawings obtained from the National Library. The Trust provided research, vision and management for the project.

This is just one of a number of huts the Trust hopes to restore and return to the park.

US Marines in New Zealand

The huts in Ames St.,Paekākāriki and Arawa St., Raumati